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Attorney Leonardo Morales takes pride in representing injured workers, individuals injured in car accidents, nursing homes, and those injured due to exposures to chemicals near factories. He takes an aggressive approach when dealing with the insurance companies as well as with the attorneys who represent the insurance companies.

Part of the key to obtaining a favorable outcome to a case is knowing when to keep settlement negotiations going. If the negotiations are leading to more money for a client, then it’s best to keep negotiating. If the negotiations aren’t leading anywhere, then it’s time to take the gloves off and get more aggressive. A lot of lawyers don’t like going to trial because it can be time consuming and tedious, but when all else fails and the insurance company isn’t budging, the attorney must be the bulldog that his client expects him to be.

“Every case is unique, you have to start creating a strategy from the very first time that you meet a client.”
“As the client’s legal advocate, you must represent your client aggressively and advise them of the pitfalls that lie ahead in their case. Sometimes you have to be creative to get the best outcome for your client.”

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